Review Policy

I'd love to accept review copies of novels from authors and publishers.  I'd also be happy to host contests, host author interviews or participate in blog tours.

When I accept a novel for review it does not guarantee that I will post a review of that novel.  I try and post reviews of every book that I complete and as a personal goal I finish almost every novel that I start.  When I post a review it will be fair and honest.  I will not be intentionally mean or disrespectful in anyway, but I will give my honest opinion of the novel.    

I will try and be as timely with my reviews as possible.  If the novel is an ARC I will publish my review around the release date to help with the publicity surrounding the novel.  I not only post reviews of novels on my blog, but I also post them on goodreads.  If you'd like me to email you a separate copy of my review I'd be glad to do that.   

The genres of books that I enjoy are typically young adult literature, though I also read adult fiction and literature and memoirs.  I'm most interested in contemporary fiction, paranormal/paranormal romance, chick-lit, romance, historical fiction, social issues, and mysteries. 

If your novel is part of a series I have not read, I would request you send me a copy of all the earlier novels in the series as I do not like to read a series out of sequence.  My reasons are out of concern I might miss something important pertaining to the current novel and it will help me give a more comprehensive review.  I will then post reviews of all the novels in the series.  I can currently accept hard-copies of the novels or pdfs. 

As a disclosure:  I am not compensated in anyway for my reviews.

If you'd like to contact me to review a book you can at  (Please put "novel for review" in the subject heading.)

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