Friday, October 5, 2012

Review of Souls in Peril by Sherry Gammon

Title: Souls in Peril
Author: Sherry Gammon
Published by: Wordpaintings Unlimited
Pages: 442
Source: Author
Format: ebook
Rating:  4 stars

Summary from GoodreadsMax Sanchez is the “it” kid at Port Fare High. He’s the star of the baseball team, he’s dating head cheerleader Emma McKay, and he has a throng of wonderful, supportive friends. 

JD Miller is the school’s punching bag, verbally and emotionally. He has a loving mother, but her choice in boyfriends is questionable, leaving him a target at home as well as school.

A tragic car accident ends it all for Max when his soul is prematurely removed from his body. The powers that be have asked him to go back to earth temporarily to help classmate JD. Max, always up for a challenge, takes it as a chance to see his beloved Emma again and quickly jumps at what he views as the easy task of helping JD. Max knows with a little cardio he can easily whip the guy into shape, ending all his troubles.

While staying mentally connected to JD, Max’s soul steps into JD’s body. However, Max’s reality is shattered as he enters a world void of love and hope: JD’s world--life as the bullied kid.

Will he survive? Will JD? Did Emma's love for Max die also? Will Max be able to help these Souls in Peril, or is it all as hopeless as JD believes?

Souls in Peril will completely take you by surprise and touch your heart. 

Bullying is a huge epidemic around the world.  I don't think people realize how serious it is until it happens to them or someone close to them.  Sherry Gammon captures those feelings of vulnerability, hopelessness, worthlessness, and defeat that people who are bullied feel everyday.  She does an amazing job at connecting the readers to the situations in the book and showing all sides of bullying from high school students and staff, to members of the community, and to those who are closer to home.   

JD and Izzy both have tough lives.  They are bullied not only at school, but also at home.  There is no safe place for them anymore and they feel hopeless.  You can't help but feel for JD and Izzy.  These characters are so attacked and beaten that you'll instantly feel protective of them and just want to hug them and tell them you are there for them.   

Then enters Max and Emma.  While they may not be perfect, they are still pretty awesome in my book.  These two reach out to JD and Izzy and try to get others too as well.  They are both going through a rough time and yet, they still understand the need of a friend and someone on your side.  There are a couple characters in this book that you just want to stand up and cheer for because by the end of the story they are so amazing and you want the world to know how great of people they are.  Sherry Gammon really connects you to the characters and makes JD, Izzy, Max, Emma and so many not only a part of your life, but one you can't imagine were not there before.

Souls in Peril is a heartbreaking and captivating novel.  It is a story that will make you examine your own lives and how you see and treat others.  There are extremely sad parts, and other parts that will touch your heart and give you hope. 

While the beginning of this story started off a little rocky, things soon smoothed out and it became a powerful story and one completely worth reading. 


  1. This one sounds interesting and very pertinent for our day.

  2. Thanks for reviewing my novel! I just discovered your review. I appreciate it!


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