Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blogger confusion + Bloglovin' + a call for help to understand what is going on

Hi all,
I've jumped on the bandwagon of not really understanding what is going on with blogger and GFC and everything.  I'm still really confused about everything, but just in case when Google Reader goes away so does GFC I'm adding Bloglovin (at least I think I am).  If you all have any advice I'm happy to hear it (please help!).  I'm not sure what's really going on and what is going to go away. 

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  1. It's not just GFC that's going away, but the entire Google Reader that's going away. You can import your Google Reader blogs to Bloglovin' though! You've done the right thing by registering your blog with Bloglovin', and they have a link to get widgets for your sidebar with a button for people to follow and how many people are following you. Hope that helps a little :)

  2. I am confused myself! If I had known that google was going to make so many changes since I started blogging, I would have gone with wordpress or something instead of blogger.

  3. I is all so totally annoying...I loved having my whole world in google (email, my blog, google drive, reader, calender etc) and now having everything every which where is killing me. I'm using Feedly for now though I did set up Bloglovin too as a back up.


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