Monday, November 18, 2013

Guest Post: Sandy Smith author of Seed Savers: Heirloom

Today I welcome Sandy Smith author of Seed Savers: Heirloom to tell us about her favorite things to grow in her garden.

My Ten Favorite Things to Grow in a Garden

1. Tomatoes—They are fairly easy to grow and you can use them in a bunch 

of ways: in salsa, on sandwiches, pasta sauce, salads. The seeds are tiny 

but they produce so much! Tomatoes are pretty. The different varieties 

have so many cool names like Mortgage Lifter, Cherokee Purple, Indigo 

Rose … and last but not least, I like the smell on my hands after picking 

the tomatoes!

2. Basil—Mmm. Pesto; need I say more?

3. Radishes—Seriously, radishes are one of the first things to plant in the 

spring when we are all itching to garden. And I’ve seen them come up in 

as little as THREE DAYS!!!

4. Strawberries—Again, the signal that summer is almost here—the 

strawberries are ripe!!!

5. Potatoes—Who doesn’t like pawing through the dirt now and then hoping 

to find a beautiful potato?

6. Lettuce—Easy, early, practical. Fresh salad for months. What’s not to love?

7. Green beans—Fun to watch emerge, produce a lot of food for many 

weeks. The seeds are a fine size and shape, just don’t hold them under 

your nostril and inhale.

8. Cilantro—I really like cilantro a lot and you really must grow your own. 

Everyone should just grow whatever herbs they like. It’s just tastier that 

9. Onions—I’m not sure why I like growing my own onions. Maybe because 

I like drying them and hanging them in the kitchen corner. 

10. Carrots—Challenging sometimes, but a must for the childhood 

memories :).

I love the names of those tomatoes and now I'm craving some fresh strawberries...yummy.

Check out Sandy Smith's book Seed Savers: Heirloom

Summary from Amazon:  Seed Savers isn't your typical bleak, violent dystopia. Think Little House on the Prairie or Anne of Green Gables meets The Giver or Fahrenheit 451; this is why it's totally appropriate for kids as young as nine (or possibly younger). The stories take place in a not-too-distant future where gardening is illegal, corporations own the seeds, and real food is no longer available. Three children are on a quest to learn about gardening and make a change back to the old ways. One word of warning--there are some religious texts cited in the books inherent to character and plot development which have "offended" one or two people. The series in no way teaches any religion. The only teaching in the books is about gardening.

Available:  (Heirloom paperback) (Heirloom kindle)  

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Thanks Sandy so much for joining us today.

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