Monday, November 29, 2010

Review of The Christmas Candle by Max Lucado

Book:  The Christmas Candle
Author:  Max Lucado
Publisher:  WestBow Press
Pages:  192

From Goodreads:  Journey back to a simpler time, to a small English village where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens.  Except at Christmastime.  When a mysterious angel suddenly appears in a lowly candlemaker's shop, the holy and the human collide in a way that only God could imagine. Glowing bright with a timeless message, The Christmas Candle will warm your heart with a surprising reminder of God's bountiful love.

I read this book for the Holiday Reading Challenge 2010 hosted by All About {n}.  It was a really fast read, in fact I read it in about one hour.  Holiday stories are suppose to be uplifting and make you feel all warm and cozy inside.  The Christmas Candle definitely had the whole uplifting story about hope and faith but I don't think it was detailed enough.  I like the plot and I think the idea behind the story is original, but the supporting details just weren't there.  I felt like I was just getting a quick overview of a story instead of the whole thing.  Another thing that bothered me is that there were typically less than 100 words on a page.  I felt as if I was a beginning reader with how this novel printed.  Overall, I was kind of disappointed with my first Holiday read of the season.    

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  1. Having participated in this years holiday reading challenge I'm already searching for inspiration for next year though I'm not too sure about this one as as you say I worried that it could be lacking in any real story or depth.


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