Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review of Turtle Moon By Alice Hoffman

Book:  Turtle Moon
Author:  Alice Hoffman
Published by:  Vintage
Pages: 288

From GoodreadsVerity, home to more divorced women from New York than any other town in Florida, is where Lucy moves with her son Keith to get away from her ex. But when Keith runs off with a baby, after the child's mother is murdered, the stage is is set for mayhem, thrills, and unexpected romance.

I loved Practical Magic by Hoffman and so wanted to read more of her books.  I read Turtle Moon during my traveling time for my morning and afternoon commute.  It was easy to pick up and read a couple of pages at a time, but at the end I gave in and continued reading even after I was at work (during my lunch hour of course).  I love the unexplained magic in Hoffman's books.  She does a great job with magical realism where you can actually imagine that this magic is a part of everyday life and not just fantasy.  Her writing is almost lyrical and captures you into the scene immediately.  So in parting, I'll leave you with my favorite passage from the book:  "Every May, when the sea turtles begin their migration across West Main Street, mistaking the glow of the streetlights for the moon, people go a little bit crazy.  At least one teenage boy comes close to slamming his car right into the gumbo-limbo tree that grows beside the Burger King.  Girls run away from home, babies cry all night, ficus hedges explode into flame..."      

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