Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Today I'm participating in Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

BROKE AND BOOKISH 1 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY -- Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Book Blogger/A Bookish Person

1.  I love getting to see how many people share my love of reading.  Even though my family and friends are avid readers sometimes I still feel as if people are losing the love of reading (i.e. when my co-worker asked me who actually reads books for pleasure...they're lucky all they received was a mouthful...j/k).

2.  I love hearing about new books that are coming out before they hit the market.  Before I started blogging, I'd only hear about a couple of "big name" books before they were actually released.  Now not only do I have the pleasing to hear about books early, but I actually get to read some of them before they are released. 

3.  I love hearing about authors or books that normally wouldn't have come on my radar.  Sometimes the best book is not the most popular book, but one you've never heard of before and had no expectations for.

4.  I love meeting new people and hearing how passionate they are about reading.  While I don't know my blogging friends in person they still can make my day with a comment or when I read about how ecstatic they are about a certain book they've just read.  

5.  I love being able to get my opinions down in some kind of format.  Sometimes after I read a book all these thoughts are just building in my head and I have no way to sort them out.  By blogging about them I not only sort them out I get to hear what other people think about those thoughts and the book they are about.  

6.  I love seeing someone reading, no matter if it's at the park, school, on the bus, or even in their yard.  I feel like I have a connection to these people because we both know how wonderful reading is.

7.  I love approaching someone I don't know who I see reading and ask them about the book they are reading.  If it's something I've read I'll ask them what they think about it.  I'm sure people think I'm nuts at times, but I just can't help it (especially if I really loved the book).

8.  I love that when I'm writing out a list I get to start every sentence with 'I love' and it doesn't seem completely crazy.  

What about you?   


  1. I always hesitate to interrupt someone who is reading -- but I'm always DYING to know what they are reading and I will contort myself in all sorts of weird ways to try to see the cover of the book. Sometimes I can't help it - especially if it's a kid or teen -- I have to ask.

  2. I love (I'm a copycat) this list! I love seeing people read too :)

  3. I love snooping on what people are reading, too, but I'm usually to shy to approach and engage in conversation about it. Seeing other people reading makes me feel like we're sharing a really great secret even though we don't know each other! =)

    # 3, too. I love seeing debut authors or authors with lesser known/marketed books get a boost in the blogosphere and get the readers they deserve!

  4. Lisa,

    I totally understand your number one. My family are always asking why do you read so much. It's a bit frustrating and discouraging.

    And I love your number 6 because I feel the same way! I see a reader and it just brightens my day. :)

    Great list.

  5. I don't normally talk to people when they are reading, but I do love seeing what they are reading and if it's a book I know.
    And if it is, I am always SOO tempted to go over and talk to them about it and seeing if they are liking it.
    If it's a book I have read and really liked I always just pretend that they are loving it just as much as me, so then I don't have to bother them haha


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