Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review of Shadow Days by Andrea Cremer

Title: Shadow Days: A Nightshade Novella
Author: Andrea Cremer
Published by: Philomel Books
Pages: 79
Source: A pdf (I don't remember where I received it from, but if you want a copy email me and I'll send it to you)
Rating: 3/5

SummaryThis novella is a prequel to Nightshade giving us Shay's previous story up until he meets Calla that fateful day.  It all starts with a call from Uncle Bosque telling Shay he needs to move to Colorado to spend his senior year at their family's estate.  Shay's only connection to his old friends is a facebook page and a blog.  Shay soon realizes that Rowen Estate holds many mysteries, so he wrangles some of his online friends to help crack the codes of the mystic that surrounds his new home. 

This novella was a quick and easy read.  Personally, I wasn't the biggest Shay fan so when I heard this novella was about him I put off reading it.  The other day I stumbled across it again and decided to pick it up.  While I still prefer Ren to Shay, I was able to learn a little bit more about Shay and he's staring to grow on me.

While I'm sure if I had a Uncle like Bosque I would rebel like crazy, I still felt bad for Shay being under complete control of his uncle.  Leaving all his friends behind to move to a new place and then being left completely alone for weeks at a time is cruel.  I really felt sorry for Shay and now I'm glad that Calla and him become friends in Nightshade.

I felt that things moved a little fast in this novella and that left us missing the rich detail and highly developed characters that Andrea Cremer does so well.  There were many instances I felt were rushed and not fully explained.  I understand this is a novella though and not a prequel novel. 

I'm glad I read this novella as it gave me some insight to Shay and his background.  I wonder when I read Wolfsbane if my opinion of Shay will change at all.  I let you know!    

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