Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Today I'm participating in Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
Top Ten Authors I Would DIE to meet (living or dead):

1. J.K. Rowling.  This women is a creative genius and I'd love to hear her talk about the HP series and what her experience was like.
J.K. Rowling

2. Richelle Mead.  I want to make sure that she has a happy ending for Adrian somewhere in her next series of novels.  He is too great of a guy to end up with everything he was dealt.
Richelle Mead

3. Melina Marchetta.  I love her novels so much and it would be really exciting to meet her...plus I wouldn't mind a trip to Australia.
Melina Marchetta

4. Charlaine Harris.  I want to know if there is a 'real-life' Eric and if so where can I get him...err meet him I mean. 
Charlaine Harris

5. Laurie Halse Anderson.  I want to let her know how powerful her novels are and that I think every person should read at least one of her 'contemporary/issues' novels.
Laurie Halse Anderson

6. William Shakespeare.  I want to know if there is a real couple behind the story of Romeo and Juliet. 
William Shakespeare

7. Ally Carter.  I want to hear more spy stories and to know if there is a spy school and how do I apply. 
Ally Carter

8. Dee Henderson.  She is an amazing Christian fiction writer.  Her novels are very inspiring, uplifting and full of action.  They are the perfect mix of suspense and hope.  
Dee Henderson

9. Gayle Forman.  I want to know if she cries when she is writing her novels, because I'm sure that I bawled the entire way through If I Stay.
Gayle Forman

10. Andrea Cremer.  I want to let her know that I would appreciate it if she has Calla end up with Ren in the end of her Nightshade series.   
Andrea Cremer


  1. That would be a great question for William Shakespeare!

  2. If I had more room on my list I would've put Gayle Forman on it. She is such an awesome writer.

  3. Oh I didn't even think of Shakespeare. Good call. I feel like since not that much was known about him it would be really interesting to meet him.

  4. Very nice list. Great question to ask Shakespeare. And yeah I'd love to "meet" Eric too.

  5. Laurie Halse Anderson! Yes, I would want to meet her and tell that too. Her novels/books are indeed very powerful. ;)

  6. This is soooo my list! Trip to Australia and all! :)

  7. JK Rowling was my #1 for this week too! :) I would die to meet her!

  8. Great list. It would be so awesome to meet William Shakespeare. I can't even imagine.

  9. Rowling made my list as well...creative genius is a perfect description for her...I too would love to know more about her writing process and how its evolved over the years.

  10. Lol, I really LOVE your reason for wanting to meet Charlaine Harris!

  11. Oh boy, I didn't even think of Shakespeare or Laurie Halse Anderson. *facepalm* Love your list. I'm glad J.K. Rowling graces the number one spot on yours, as well :)


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