Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Night Date Night

Friday Night Date Night is a feature on my blog that showcases movie review (mostly movies that were adapted from books).  Hopefully some of these reviews will help you decide what to watch on your date night or a night of chillin with the girls.
When I need a little bit of comfort I often go back and read fairy tales.  I love reading the classics like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.  You know they have a happy ending and everything just seems more magical when they are around.  I am the same way when it comes to movies.  I like the "old" standbys to make me feel all warm and gooey inside.  Be it a fairy tale or a romantic comedy there is something comforting about the familiarity of those standbys movies.   
The other night when I was stressed and tired from a long work week I decided to give my mind a break and pop in my niece's movie Tangled.  To my surprise I was captivated by this revamped version of Rapunzel.  It was everything you want in a Disney movie.  It was cute, charming and really funny.   
I loved the magic that was added to the movie.  It gave a whole different twist and really freshened up the old tale.  My favorite character who have to be the horse.  He was so funny.  He's the side kick you never really wanted but seems to always be there.  Plus the frying pan seemed to always pop up when they needed it.  I want a "weapon" like that! 
Disney movies always leave you with a little bit of romance as well and Tangled is not exception.  There is a scene in this movie with the floating lanterns.  It is really romantic and makes me want to go see them in real life some day.  It was a great surprise in the movie and it quickly became my favorite scene. 
Next time your in the mood for a comfort movie, try a new may just have another to add to your list. 
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  1. Didn't the floating lanterns scene remind you of The Litter Mermaid, when Ariel and Eric are on a boat, in the lagoon during the mood setting scene. LOVED IT!

    Tangled was super fun. I used the excuse of taking my little cousins to watch it, but I was the one that really wanted to go.

  2. I haven't seen this one yet! My friends keep telling me how adorable it is, though! Glad you enjoyed this one!


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