Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Night Date Night: Breaking Dawn Part II

Friday Night Date Night is a feature on my blog that showcases movie reviews (mostly movies that were adapted from books). Hopefully some of these reviews will help you decide what to watch on your date night or a night of relaxing at home.
Breaking Dawn (Twilight #4)
So I know I'm a little late to the scene, but with Breaking Dawn Part II opening so close to Thanksgiving I just didn't have time to see it until this week.  I've always had an issue with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's acting.  To me they are both very inexpressive people and I don't think that is good trait in an actor.  I have to say they surprised me a bit in this one.  They actually have different expressions because bored/disdain/pain.  Maybe it has to do with them acting as parents (which I think Rob did a lot better job at than Kristen), or maybe just after a couple of movies they finally found their footing, but this movie was definitely better then the first couple.
Does the movie stick to the book?  Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.  It was a lot more sensual than I was expecting so that threw me for a loop, but otherwise I enjoyed seeing the story unfold.  I have to say they took some liberties with the ending, but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  I understand why they did it and I think it works.  That doesn't mean, however, that I wasn't completely floored when watching it and actually yelling in the movie theater  "you got to be kidding me."  Midway through this change I figured out what they did and then I actually pumped my fist in the air and was like "yes, I knew it."  Good thing there were not many people in the theater or I might have been mobbed. 
Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and thought it was a great fit to the end of the series. 


  1. I still haven't seen it yet, but I'm glad that their acting is getting better. The no-expression-part really annoys me at times.
    Love your enthusiasm haha. I'm very curious about this one!

  2. I haven't seen this one yet and I'm not sure I will. I am curious what the big "twist" is but since I never even read the book maybe it won't matter to me.


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