Tuesday, October 8, 2013

That awkward post...

I was reading a beauty/hair/style blog post from Kate of The Small Things blog the other day and she mentioned that everyone has that awkward first post and/or the awkward coming back post.  Well, here is mine...

I was one of those people who would always take a couple of days off blogging for vacation or something, but I never thought about taking a longer break.  In all honesty I didn't understand the need for a long break.  When I started my blog I was a Ph.D student and even though I was busy I still found time to read and blog.  At times when things got crazy or the days long, I would listen to audio books instead because that was something I could do while analyzing data.  Starting last winter everything changed though...I was finishing up my projects and it came time to write my dissertation.  Well I soon found out that listening to audio books was no longer possible (since I'm not talented enough to listen to one thing and type another), and working 80-100 hour weeks left me too tired to read.  The little free time I had I wanted to spend with my family.  Hence the decision to stop blogging for a while.

Then came summer.  I had finished my dissertation, passed my defense, and thought I would get finally get back to blogging, but I got offered a new position across the country and while I was reading and listening to more audio books, I still didn't have the time (or to be completely truthful, the desire) to blog.

Now that I'm settle in my new town and new position came the debate of whether to return or to just hang up my blogging hat.  It is not like I have a big blog or anything, but it took me awhile to remembered why I started blogging.  It was for me personally to record my thoughts and opinions about books and to talk to others who shared this passion.  That is what I started this blog for and that is what made my decision to return.  I don't think I'm going to post everyday (more like 3-4 times a week) as I want to try and find a balance that works for me.  Hopefully things will work out, but my goal is to remember the joy of blogging and why I started.

Here ends the awkward blog post....


  1. I just wrote a similar post Lisa. I almost gave it up too but I like the friendships I've made too much to let it all go. I'm just changing how I blog. The frequency and maybe even the subject matter.

    I hope you can find a balance that works for you

    1. It was a hard decision for me as I think it would have been easier to just let it all go, but I think I have to instead as you said change how I blog and how I think about blogging. I shouldn't stress if I don't post everyday or anything like that.

      I'm glad you decided to stay. I enjoy reading your blog.


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