Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Who are You the Boy/Girl, instead of You the Blogger?


I love reading...especially during thunderstorms...I go to bed early and tend to melt in the rain...yep that's right I'm all sugar...I name my pets as if they are food...hence my goldfish Sushi...I love wine...I try to have a glass everyday...but I often forget and have 3 or 4...oh well…at least I'm having fun...I love my family and friends...but sometimes I need me time...I like to cook but I'm not very good at it...that's why I have Rachel Ray...I like to camp and am an outdoorsy girl...but I can be high maintenance too...I'm a true Wisconsin Girl at Heart...yep that means cheese is a must at every meal and snack...I don't mind killing spiders...but I'm scared to death of clowns...I really don't like birds...I tend to be random...but not very spontaneous.


  1. Hopping over from the Hop & Follow! Fun question this week. I'd love for you to stop and visit my blog too! You can find me at

  2. Hopping through. A goldfish named Sushi...that's hilarious.
    My Hop

  3. Hi Lisa! I really am considering to buy a fish too and naming it Cookie. :) Well maybe two Cookie and Monster. I just love it. :) Sushi , ha, such fun!

    If you love cheese much, you must come to Holland one day! We have lots! :)

    Happy Friday!!!

    New follower!!

  4. New follower via FF. Feel free to visit me when you get a chance.

  5. This is maybe the best Follow Friday question I've seen so far. I'm learning so much about so many book bloggers this week!

    (Some surprising things at that!)

    I've got a few surprises in store for you! Follow me back to my blog and learn more about who I am - the man, not the blogger and author.

    Thank God it's Follow Friday!
    Howard Sherman

  6. I love your goldfish's name! My cousin used to have a chicken and she needed to name it, so we decided on nugget. I really like those funny cute names.

    Also, I just started a new quote meme over at my blog if you want to check it out:

  7. Rock on. Thanks for sharing about yourself! It's so cool that you prefer reading during thunderstorms. I myself would be too nervous to concentrate. :o)

  8. Newest follower here via the Friday hop. I am a new contemporary romance writer but a reader of almost anything! Hope you stop by and check out my blog.


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