Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Night Date Night

Friday Night Date Night is a feature on my blog that showcases movie review (mostly movies that were adapted from books). Hopefully some of these reviews will help you decide what to watch on your date night or a night of relaxing at home.
The other day when I was at the library I was looking through the movies and found the movie The Other Woman.  I remember hearing it was based on the book Love and Other Impossible Pursuits by
From Goodreads
If you plan on watching this movie make sure to bring a box of tissue.  It is very emotional due to the fact that Emilia, played by Natalie Portman, had just lost a baby.  She is struggling to overcome her loss while also becoming a part of her new family with her husband and stepson, Will.  
There were parts of this movie where Emilia was mean and cold-hearted.  I understand she was dealing with a tremendous loss, but she often took out her anger and frustration on the wrong people.  She seemed to drift further away from her family and friends as time went on instead of healing or leaning on them for support.  
I ended up really enjoying the movie despite my swollen and red eyes.  It brought forth a lot of emotions and Natalie Portman was stunning in this movie.  She was extremely believable and I grieved for her loss.  I also really enjoyed Scott Cohen who played Emilia's husband, Jack.  I thought Jack was a wonderful parent (though maybe not the best husband to his first wife).  I loved that Jack supported his son and seemed to really care about making Will and Emilia become family too .   
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  1. I didn't know this movie was based on a book. I just watched the trailer. Looks amazing. I wonder if it's on Netflix. Gonna go see.

    Thanks for the review. I'll be sure to have my tissues with me. :)


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