Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebrate Your Library

Since it's library week I thought it would be nice to hear everyone's favorite things about their library or libraries in general.

My favorite thing about the library is seeing children walk up to the checkout desk with a stack of books that is bigger than they are. They love reading and are so excited to be getting so many awesome books for free. They inspire me to remember the pure joy of reading everyday and how nice it is to be getting great books for free.

What about you? What's your favorite thing about your library, or libraries in general?


  1. I love my job as a high school librarian. I think it's the best job in the world. My favorite thing is just watching it fill up with kids. Especially in the morning before school starts. They are reading, working on computers, talking, drinking their coffee (yes, I let them drink in the library)and just getting ready for the day. I love that the library has become a desirable place to hang out (well, most of the time I love it....)

  2. I love your Blog and gave you an award come check out my page!!!

  3. It amazes me that I can read any book I want at no charge.It's a wonderful resource.

  4. I love that there are so many books. I like looking at books almost as much as I like reading them.

  5. My library allows me to look up books, see if they're available, and place holds online. Then I get notified when it's ready for pick-up, and I can simply go in and pick it up. No wondering if I will be able to get the book I want.


I love love love hearing your wonderful thoughts! Thanks for stopping by and happy reading.