Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Night Date Night

On Fridays I wanted to do something a little different then what I normally do.  I decided that on Fridays I'm going to do movie reviews.  I'm hoping to review mostly movies adapted from books, but I'm sure other movies that were not based on books will pop up every now and then.  Hopefully some of these reviews will help you decide what to watch on your date night or a night of chillin with the girls.
So every once in a while I need a fix of Channing Tatum.  He is one of those guys that just grabs my heart and my attention (I'm sure this is not news for any female between the ages of 12-100.  I mean seriously even my grandma thinks he's hot.  Well, she never actually said hot, but she said he had really nice teeth, which in grandma talk means he's sexy!).  The other day my friend told me they were making a movie out of his life.  Who knew the whole "stripper turned model turned actor" thing would be appealing enough to get a movie made of his life?  After she told me that I needed a Channing Tatum fix so I decided to watch Dear John.  (As a total side note and the fact I get distracted a lot, does anyone else have trouble with his name...seriously I feel like it's a tongue twister). 
Ok so you know that I already love Channing Tatum, but I have to tell you how much I adore Amanda Seyfried.  Seriously, she was great in Mean Girls ("There's a 30 percent chance that it's already raining!"), and who knew the chicka had a set of lungs until Mamma Mia!  Even though I love both of these actors I don't think they had the chemistry I was hoping for in Dear John.  Though I didn't read this novel, I have read other Nicholas Sparks' novels and I know that the main characters always fall for each other and somehow are magically perfect together.  They have the special kind of love we all hope for and I didn't feel that between Channing and Amanda.
One of the things I really enjoyed was how the actors read each others' letters during the film.  From what I understand, Dear John is an epistolary, which is a novel written in a series of documents and I like how this was incorporated into the movie.  I though this was done really well, and it helped portray the emotions each of these characters were going through as they read the letters. 
As for the setting it was gorgeous and they story itself pulled me in.  And of course I cried; I feel it is a requirement for reading/watching a Nicholas Sparks novel.  It's just not perfect without the tears.  Overall I enjoyed the movie, but it wasn't one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks-book based-movies. 
Wanna see more...
Also, does anyone have any suggestions for book based movies?  I have some more lined up but I'm always looking for more.

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  1. I agree, Channing and Amanda had no chemistry what so ever in Dear John.

    But last night, when I went to see Breaking Dawn, they showed a preview for THE VOW with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams... OMG! It looks like it's gonna be a good one.

    My suggestions for book based movies:
    The Time Traveler's Wife
    The Reader

    In both, the book is WAY better than the film.


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