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Review of Touch of Twlight by Calista Fox, Mary Leo, and Erin Quinn

Title: Touch of Twilight
Authors: Calista Fox, Mary Leo, and Erin Quinn
Published by: Pryde Multimedia, LLC
Pages: 149
Source: Publisher
Format: ebook
Rating: ★★★

This is novel is compilation of three stories by three different authors.  While the stories are not interconnected they are related through the fact they are all ghost stories.  These ghost are not the scary, haunting type, in fact, most of them are friendly and are there looking for help.   

In A Chill at Twilight by Calista Fox, famous country singer Rachel Hold returns to her home town for a much needed break.  Well looking forward to seeing her old flame, a hunky cowboy named Luc, she is not ready for the ghost of my old best friend, Peyton, haunting her. 

I'm not really sure what to classify this story as.  Calista Fox intertwined a romance, with a ghost story, and also a little bit of a mystery.  As for the romance part it was sexy, steamy and everything you could hope for.  Luc was the courteous, sexy, cowboy type that every women wishes she could find.  **Swoon**  Right off the bat you could tell there was chemistry between Luc and Rachel and a spark that only grew larger.  My only objection with the romance (and it seems like a silly one) is that it seemed to take over the whole story.  The mystery was great and I had no idea who killed Peyton, but at the same time I felt it was rushed.  I wish little hints would have been dropped throughout the story instead of the bomb during the last couple of pages. 

The next story was A Shadow at Twilight by Mary Leo.  This was definitely more of a romance story with some ghosts thrown in.  Hilly Thompson ends up having to cut her vacation short once again, because her over-demanding boss, Dillon Spencer, gets into a car accident and ends up in a coma.  Weird things start happening when Dillon and other ghosts start appearing to her and it's up to Hilly to help her boss choose life over death. 

I really enjoyed the pace of this novel.  Their romance, while a bit unexpected, is a slow burning one that develops over the entire story.  Personally if I was Hilly, I would have quit my job a long time ago.  Dillon was controlling, demanding and ultimately sucked the life out of Hilly.  As we encounter Dillon in his ghost form, we get to learn more about his life and who he truly is as a person.  He definitely grew on me, but I don't know if I would have fallen as easily as Hilly given their past. 

The last story was A Shiver at Twilight by Erin Quinn.  While Carly sets out to rescue her friend, things go terribly wrong and she ends up in an haunted farm house with a hunky stranger, JD, who happens to have a damsel in distress complex. 

This story wasn't for me.  The pacing felt off and the writing was really choppy.  The plot felt forced and it was easy to guess what would happen next.  While things did heat up between Carly and JD, I had a hard time believing their chemistry.  I don't think anything would be less romantic than staying in a farm house with a family of ghosts who were brutally murdered.  Carly and JD know nothing about each other and he just happens to show up in the woods to help her out.  Yeah, I think I would run instead of cuddle up next to the guy.  As for the plot, things just seemed to fall into place too easily.  It was almost as if fate was at hand because everything seemed so interconnected by the end. 

While I did enjoy Touch of Twilight overall, some of the stories left me baffled and it was not quite what I was hoping for. 

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  1. I haven't read many ghost stories, something about them just doesn't really appeal to me, especially in romances, but perhaps they would work better for me in short burst such in an anthology like this one. A Shadow at Twilight sounds good. I love a slow building romance.

    I see you are currently reading WSW!!! *squeeee*


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