Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review of The Veil by Cory Putman Oakes

Title: The Veil
Author: Cory Putman Oakes
Published by: Octane Press
Pages: 308
Source: I Read Banned Books Book Tour
Format: ARC
Rating: ★★★★

Summary from Goodreads: Seventeen-year-old Addison Russell is in for a shock when she discovers that she can see the invisible world of the Annorasi. Suddenly, nothing is as it appears to be the house she lives in, the woman who raised her, even the most beautiful boy in town all turn out to be more than what they seem. And when this strange new world forces Addy to answer for a crime that was committed long ago, by parents she has never known, she has no choice but to trust Luc, the mysterious Annorasi who has been sent to protect her. Or so he says . . .

What a refreshing read.  I love paranormal books, but after a while things can start sounding the same.  The Veil was quirky, original and just what I needed.  The idea of an invisible world running in connection with ours, just under "the veil" was mind blowing.  I love the idea of looking at an object and having humans see one thing and the Annorasi see something completely different.  It makes me wonder what beautiful things are hiding behind object we find visually unpleasing.  While I still don't understand everything connected with the Annorasi world, I knew enough to completely fall in love with the concept. 

What a birthday Addy had.  The poor girl is all excited for her birthday and then she thinks she's going crazy because she keeps seeing things others don't.  If I was Addy I'd think I'd need to be committed to the psych ward or more likely think I was just over-stressed and in need of a vacation.  Good thing Luc comes along to help her figure things out.  Addy and Luc just seemed to fit.  Their relationship didn’t feel forced or contrived, it was natural and almost seemed like fate.  At first I was apprehensive about Luc because he was 'the hot guy,' but soon I didn't even think about his looks because he just became Luc to me.  He was sweet, patient and kind.

Also, the supporting characters were amazing in The Veil.  Addy’s grandmother was sweet, yet had a feisty quality about her.  She made me laugh countless times and yet I still felt protected in her presence.  Addy’s besties were full of life and spunk.  They were true best friends were they were amazingly loyal and protective.  And don’t forget ‘the cats;’ they are quite a surprise.      

This book flew for me.  It was fast-paced and held my intrigue throughout.  Cory Putman Oakes's The Veil, is a great new addition to the paranormal world.

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