Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review of Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover Ally Carter

Title: Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover (Gallagher Girls #3)
Author: Ally Carter
Published by: Hyperion Book CH
Pages: 263
Source: Library
Format: Audiobook
Rating: ★★★★

Summary from Goodreads: When Cammie "The Chameleon" Morgan visits her roommate Macey in Boston, she thinks she's in for an exciting end to her summer break. After all, she's there to watch Macey's father accept the nomination for vice president of the United States. But when you go to the world's best school (for spies), "exciting" and "deadly" are never far apart. Cammie and Macey soon find themselves trapped in a kidnappers' plot, with only their espionage skills to save them. As her junior year begins, Cammie can't shake the memory of what happened in Boston, and even the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women doesn't feel like the safe haven it once did. Shocking secrets and old flames seem to lurk around every one of the mansion's corners as Cammie and her friends struggle to answer the questions, Who is after Macey? And how can the Gallagher Girls keep her safe?

Are there really schools out there that teach you espionage?  If so, where can I apply?  The whole idea behind Gallegher Academy is amazing.  It is a boarding school that teaches young women how to be the deadliest spies in the world.  Sure it would suck not having boys at your school, but I think I'd get over it after learning how to decapitate a man with a nail file.  (Ok yuck, I could never do that...I'd make a horrible spy.)

In this third novel of the series we get to see a little bit more of Macey.  I loved seeing this different side of Macey.  We've seen the stuck up rich girl side, and now it's nice to see the sweet vulnerable side of her too.  Don't worry Cammy, Bex and Liz are intigral to the story line too. 

The girls have little adventures and episodes throughout the novel but the ending is explosive.  You won't see it coming (well maybe you will, but I didn't...jeez I'm really killing my spy girl career here).  With kick butt spy girls, secret societies and a presidential election you won't be disappointed.   


  1. Wow. Decapitate with a nail file. That would be a very interesting skill to have. Oh books make me so jealous.

  2. Ummmm.... Lisa. You had me a little worried there for a moment. LOL

    I think this series sounds really cute. I love Carter's Heist Society series, so I should probably give this one a try, but then again, if there is no boys, what's the point?

    Kidding. Kind of.

  3. kk u did nit help me with my book report


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