Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review of Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Title: Waterfall
Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren
Published by: Cook, David C.
Pages: 352
Source:  Books with Bite Book Tours
Format: Paperback
Rating: ★★★★★

Summary from Goodreads: In Waterfall, American teenager Gabi Betarrini accidently finds herself in Fourteenth-Century Italy . . . Knights. Swords. Horses. Armor. And Italian hotties. Most American teens want an Italian vacation, but the Betarrini sisters have spent every summer of their lives there with their archaeologist parents. Stuck on yet another hot, dusty dig, they are bored out of their minds... until they place their hands atop handprints in an ancient tomb and find themselves catapulted into the Fourteenth Century and in the middle of a fierce battle between knights bent on killing one another.

This novel was absolutely brilliant.  I love historical fiction and not only do we get that element in Waterfall, we also get time travel when Gabi and Lia sneak into an old tomb that transports them back to the fourteenth century. 

Gabi is the kind of herione everyone will adore.  She's smart, determined, fierce and can kick some serious butt with a sword.  She quickly catches on to her situation and instead of wallowing and giving up, she creates a plan and finds a way to execute it with the help of some new friends all while in the middle of a battle between two fueding families.

Ever girl dreams of a prince in shining armor.  Look no further ladies, I've found the perfect one...Marcello.  This man is simply amazing.  He is kind and caring, yet dangerous and deadly; isn't that the perfect combination.  He not only treats Gabi as if she were a princess, he also respects her and treats her like the warrior she is.

If you are ready for fun, action, daring sword fights and some steamy romance this is your novel.  Don't miss out on it!    


  1. HI- I downloaded this book and read a few chapters while I was between review books. YA is not really my genre, but I was amazed at why this book was offered so inexpensively and not well-known. What a cute story, and very original! I enjoyed the details of the archeological dig site. Even though I didn't finish this book, I so agree with your review.-- Rae

  2. I love it when I see glowing reviews for this series! I agree, I really like how Marcello treats Gabi and respects her abilities.

  3. I was so excited to see a couple of days ago this was an AMAZON FREEBIE! I snagged it first thing in the AM when I received the email - yippee!

    This is historical fiction, outside of my reading comfort zone, but because of so many rave reviews I'm going to give it a go.

  4. I have not read a bad review for this book yet! And I'm so excited because I just downloaded it for free yesterday!

    I struggle getting into historical fiction, but I'm really looking forward to reading this one.

    Great review.

  5. I haven't seen many reviews of this around te blogs but I'm SO glad that someone else loves it!!! It is just plain amazing!! I loved Gabi, she was just so brave. I can't wait to read the next one!

    Awesome review!

  6. I've only heard great things about this book as well, so I believe that this must be an excellent read :) Great review, Lisa. I've now downloaded the book from Amazon.

  7. YAY I am so excited you loved this! This is one of my favourite series. And Marcello is the perfect man I swear. Wonderful review :)


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