Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waterfall Wednesdays (Week 2)

What are Waterfall Wednesdays you ask?  Each Wednesday for the month of September we will be reading, discussing, chatting, and gawking over the Hotties from Waterfall the amazing first novel in the River of Time series by Lisa Bergren.  Come join in the fun. 
Here is the schedule of events:
August 31- Chapters 1-6 Hosted by Tina at Tinasbookreviews
Sept 7- Chapters 7-11 Hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader
Sept 14- Chapters 12-17 Hosted by Joy&Serena at Edgy Inspirational Romance
Sept 21- Chapters 18-23 Hosted by Jenny at Supernatural Snark
Sept 28- Chapters 24-28 and Wrap Up Hosted by Nic at Irresistible Reads
Need more incentive?  The amazingly talented and wonderful Lisa Bergren has offered a trilogy set of her series to one winner each week (signed if the winner is from the U.S.) and an overall chance to win a set of earrings from Venice.  How freaking amazing is that?  I told you she was wonderful.   
So on to this week's discussion...
Discussion Questions for Chapters 7-11
1.  Gabi's search for her sister is made increasingly difficult by the fight for territory between Castello Forelli and Castello Paratore. At this point, do you think the rivalry is warranted? Why or why not?
This is a tough question for me.  I'm kind of divided.  Part of me thinks it's ridiculous to fight over a piece of land.  For heaven's sake, just divide it down the middle instead of all the bloodshed.  The other part of me believes that the Forelli's and the Paratore's are fighting for the rights of their countries.  I have so much respect for people in the military because they are fighting not just for themselves and their family but for all of us too and our countries.      

2.  Gabi aids Fortino by having his sickroom cleaned out and using steam to loosen the phlegm inside his lungs so he could breathe better. Have you ever found yourself in a situation that required you to rely on home remedies to aid yourself or another? What are some of your favorite home remedies?
I don't think I've ever been in a situation were I had to use home remedies to aid myself or others unless you count my niece's diaper rash (I just let her run around naked for a while).  As for home remedies my favorite is a nice hot bath with lots of bubbles and candles.  It is relaxing and soothing and helps clear up congestion.  My other favorite remedy is a hot toddy.  My father used to make these for me every time I was sick (minus the alcohol).  Now as soon as I feel a cold coming on, I whip out the honey, lemon juice, hot water and sometimes the brandy. 

One of my best friend's mom said that her family had a tradition in Mexico that when they felt a cold or a headache coming on they took a shot of tequila.  I asked what if that was the cause of your headache and she just laughed.     

3.  Marcello and his men don't hide their surprise when they learn that Gabi is skilled with a sword. What did you think of this development? Has your initial impression of Gabi changed? Do you have any secret skills?
I love that the men are completely surprise by Gabi and her sword yielding abilities.  I think it's important to keep men on their toes.  As the story progresses I'm really starting to like Gabi more and more.  She is showing her courage and her spunk.  As for secret skills I have a couple.  For the fun skills I can shake my money-maker like no other (watch out Beyonce), for the nerdy skills I can recite the whole periodic table by memory and for the completely weird skills I can fit my whole fist inside my mouth.  I know you all are very jealous right about now. 

4.  "Our lips were so close, I could feel the heat of his breath on my skin." Gabi and Marcello's feelings for one another are beginning to stir. What do you think of Marcello as a romantic interest thus far? What do you think of his intended? 
I think that Gabi and Marcello are developing real feelings for one another.  You can't help who you are attracted to right?  I also understand the Marcello and Lady Rossi have been intended for one another for political reasons.  Even though their betrothal may not be out of love they are still betrothed.  I think Marcello should have manned up and cancelled the engagement.  As for Lady Rossi, at first I didn't like her at all.  I thought she was stuck-up and snobby.  Now I still think she is stuck-up and snobby but also has some redeeming qualities.   

5. Marcello and Luca take turns teaching Gabi the dances of Toscana. Would you have liked to attend a ball like the one Gabi was practicing for? Do you like to dance? Do you know any cool dance moves? Extra (not really) points if you YouTube yourself dancing and share the video. Come on, it will be fun! :)  I would love to attend a formal ball.  I don't think I've been to a dance that had choreographed dancing (unless you count The Cupid's Shuffle or The Electric Slide).  I love to dance, in fact, just last Saturday me and my girls hit up the dance floor and wowed the crowd with our killer moves...hahaha.  As mentioned before I can really shake my butt and I love to do it every chance I get.  While I don't have any videos of me dancing (I'm thanking my lucky stars because my grandma would be horrified) I do have a picture of me before hitting the clubs to dance the night away!


  1. Note to self: Hot Toddy's.... (lol)

    I never really liked Lady R, but I did find her climbing up the wall and handling herself impressive...:)

  2. Shake that money maker girl. Cracking me up. I'm thinking this Gabi v Marcello thing is fixing to get complicated.

  3. I find Lady Rossi to be a complex character. I've only read the first book so we'll see...

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  4. Melissa-Lady Rossi in the other books? Grrr I was hoping this book would be the end of her. ;)

  5. The Book Diva-I agree I really hope we don't see anymore of Lady Rossi!

  6. I agree, at first Lady Rossi just seemed a brat, but as the story progressed, I did see some redeeming qualities. But I still couldn't stand her, lol.

  7. I'm definitely liking Gabi more as the story progresses too, she's growing on me. :)

    By the way, love your club outfit!

  8. Lisa! I love that picture of you! You're the one that looks like a HOT Toddy! ;)

    I totally believe in the shot of tequila. It is the cure all for mostly everything. And yes, I'm so super jelly right now. I've always wanted to be able to fit my fist in my month, and I don't remember anything about the periodic table. Good thing I have you around.

  9. yes, for diaper rash just letting it breath is the best :) lol.

    Glimmerglass and the rest of the series by Jenna Black has something similar to a hot toddy that they drink (maybe it's the same thing, I can't think of the name). They use it whenever they're sick and there's alcohol in it. :)

  10. Lisa! Gotta shake the booty! There's just something about it that really makes a girl feel good, know what I'm sayin'? :D

    Lady Rossi sucks! I would like nothing other than to strangle her. This could come from the fact that I've finished the series, but who knows, I tend to be a bit on the angry side. :D

    Albanians take a shot of raki whenever they feel a bit of a stomach bug. It's kind of like moonshine. I don't actually see how adding alcohol to an upset stomach helps, but I could be totally off.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  11. You have loads of mad skills I'm very impressed. I will need to remember to have a shot of tequila next time I have a headache. That's the kind of home remedy I like.

  12. There's a periodic table? Who knew! LOL!

    I have heard of hot toddies before. I think that alcohol was the cure-all before we had all of the drugs we have today?

    Great answers!

  13. I have a friend who swears by hot toddy's! Though she's not sure if it really makes her better...or just gets her a little tipsy (enough to sleep) then she doesn't care about being sick as much, lol.

    P.S. How can you claim that shaking your money maker is a secret skill and not YouTube that! lol. I'm sure it was just so you didn't hurt Beyonce's feelings ;)

  14. Here I've just been resorting to Nyquil...bring on the Hot Toddies! Sounds like way more fun. And love the pic of you--you looked beautiful. Glad you go out and get your groove on with the gals. What fun! Thanks for taking part in WW!

  15. I'm impressed that you can recite the entire periodic table by memory! I'm also coming to like Gabi's character more and more.

  16. Shake it girl! Too bad they don't have daycare at night clubs or I would be there burning up the dance floor!

  17. HaHa...loved your comments. I may have to try the tequila ;)Perhaps combine that with a bubble bath?

  18. Fantastic answers! I agree about keeping men on their toes. Gabi definitely showed courage yielding a sword. I like that she was never the damsel in distress :)

  19. Girl-

    You show up like that in the 14th century and you will have some mad skills!! I'm sure the men would appreciate you shaking your money maker!!! Just may not be the rep you want in the 14th century!

    Yep, hot toddy is definitely on my list and Marcello I think is trying to man up, it's Gabi that's making him meek out! But watching Lady Rossi save her ass climbing those rocks showed that she could climb rocks in a dress and slippers and she thought about her own safety first!


  20. Wow! You've memorised the entire periodic table? That's pretty awesome!

    The hot toddy (non-alcoholic) just happens to be my favourite and most popular home remedy:)

    As for Lady Rossi, I choose to overlook her redeeming qualities because then I would feel that Gabi should step back and let her have her HEA with Marcello.

    Haha!I bet you can shake your money-maker and give Beyonce a run for her money!

    Great post and very interesting answers! I look forward to next week's:)


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