Friday, April 27, 2012

Blog Tour & Review of Socialpunk by Monica Leonelle + Giveaway

Title: Socialpunk
Author: Monica Leonelle
Pages: 180
Source: Author
Format: ebook
Rating: ★★★★

Summary from the Author: Ima would give anything to escape The Dome and learn what’s beyond its barriers, but the Chicago government has kept all its citizens on lockdown ever since the Scorched Years left most of the world a desert wasteland. When a mysterious group of hooded figures enters the city unexpectedly, Ima uncovers a plot to destroy The Dome and is given the choice between escaping to a new, dangerous city or staying behind and fighting a battle she can never win.

Socialpunk is edgy, fun, and hard to put down.

I must admit that at first I was confused.  I wasn't sure what was real or what was not in this world that Monica Leonelle created.  Things got scrambled and it took me a while to orient myself.  But never fear, because as the story progressed we learned more information and things started clearing and that is when this book hooked me. 

Ima is the type of character that you may not like at first, but she grows on you.  She starts to find her backbone and really come into her own as a character.  She's lived a hard life and when things get tough she knows that it is either time flight or fight.  Ima's name ends up getting changed a couple of times throughout the story.  At first I didn't really like this, but by the end I concluded that each name represented a different part of who she was.  I don't know if the author intended this or if it was just my conclusion, but it made sense to me.   

As for the other characters I enjoyed them as well, but didn't get to know them as well as Ima.  Hopefully in the next two books we will get to dig deeper into the other characters and connect with them more.  There isn't a love triangle per say, but it seems like all the men like Ima, expect the one she wants.  Poor girl! 

While, this book is short it is jam-packed with action.  There was a lot happening on each page and I wish that we could have dove a little deeper into each scenario and situation to really get an impact on how the characters felt and handled each situation. 

The ending leaves you not with a cliffhanger, but with a need to know more.  It's the peak of action and I can't help but wonder how Ima will proceed and who will join her in battle!

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