Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review of On The Edge by Angie Skelhorn

Book:  On The Edge
Author:  Angie Skelhorn

From AuthorON THE EDGE , a novel marked to young females and adults alike. In today's society permeated with illicit and readily available drugs, "On The Edge," tells the story of despair, addiction and with the aid of witchcraft recovery. A story of redemption in which today's reader will find hope.  The death of Carm’s husband had a devastating effect on her. She spends many months in a downward spiral lost to drugs. Haunted by her dead husband and a witch name Gretchen’s penetrating insight and wisdom offers encouraging helpful guidance for Carm to make positive changes to her personal, professional and spiritual life. A tarot reading is preformed with purpose and intention that turns out to be more than entertainment.

This novel starts out with the death of Carm's husband to a devastating tornado that rips apart Carm's life.  She is a young women who is now alone and lost in the world.  She gets taken in by a teenage stranger who deals drugs as a way to survive.

This novel was raw with pain and loss.  The characters used drugs as a way to numb their memories of their painful and damaged lives.  As much as I don't agree with it, I know some people can find life overwhelming and they just want to get away for a while and they figure the only way to do that is drugs and alcohol.  I don't understand a lot of the decision that Carm and the other girls made throughout the novel, but then again I was never in their situations.

This novel was very choppy for me.  The writing wasn't smooth and pieces seemed to be missing.  Instead of reading a lyrical novel it felt as if I was getting Carm's story told by an outsider in more of a timeline format than a story.

The novel was a fast read, but really hard for me to get into because I felt I couldn't relate to any of it.

Overall I'd give this book ★★

Disclaimer:  I received this novel from the author for my honest review with no compensation

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